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Last update: August 21, 2015

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Prof. Jean-Pierre WOLF

August 2015:

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GAP-Biophotonics in the framework of the NCCR MUST (link) will participate to Scientifica: Zurich science days (link). This large public exhibition will celebrate the International Year of Light (link) during the weekend of 5/6 September 2015.

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The NAMDIATREAM project which included GAP-Biophotonics as participant and technology platform leader has been awarded as the best NMP European project at EuroNanoForum 2015.

GAP-Biophotonics is organizing the

Conference on Lasers, Weather and Climate

LWC 2015

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21-23 September 2015

As highlighted by the success of the first two Conferences on Laser, Weather, and Climate in 2011 and 2013, ultra-short lasers launched into the atmosphere have emerged as a promising prospective tool for weath-er modulation and climate studies. Such prospects include lightning con-trol and laser-assisted condensation, as well as the striking similarities between the non-linear optical propagation and natural phenomena like rogue waves or climate bifurcations.

Although these new perspectives triggered an increasing interest and activity in many groups worldwide, the highly interdisciplinary nature of the subject limited its development, due to the need for enhanced contacts between laser and atmospheric physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, meteorologists, and climatologists.

Further strengthening this link is precisely the aim of the third Conference on Laser, Weather and Climate (LWC2015) at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) in Geneva, gathering the most prominent specialists on both sides for tutorial talks, free discussions as well as networking.

More information at http://www.laserweatherandclimate.com/

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Interview of GAP Biophotonics leader

Prof. Jean-Pierre Wolf

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CNN website screen Interview of GAP Biophotonics leader

Prof. Jean-Pierre Wolf

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Prof. Wolf, who was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant in 2011, is now awarded a ERC Proof of Concept grant (http://erc.europa.eu/erc-funded-projects). The project aims at further developing the BioBox, which successfully identified Pollens in the countryside and marine aerosol during the Planet Solar-Deepwater campaign, in order to detect and identify bacteria in air. The new system will then be tested in actual conditions, namely operation rooms and clean rooms for immunodeficient patients at the HUG (Hopital Universitaire de Geneve). This approach would provide a quantitative probability of detecting a specific pathogen (for instance multiple resistant bacteria such as MRSA) to the healthcare and safety personal

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